I wrote this mixtape in one night. Simply because of a dare.

I never knew how far that one little sentence, “Yeah, you can write poetry, but can you put it to a beat?” would take me.
It took five months to record everything I wrote that night.
Five months of love, sweat, and tears. Five months shared with Fredrick Melendez and Mr. Michaelangelo- a.k.a TUFLUV.
I will never forget everything I learned about myself, music, the music industry, heartbreak, loss, struggles deeper than poverty and addiction, soul searching, how bad it hurt to realize I was a fake mess, or how amazing it felt to realize, most of us are; even our heroes!

It is coming upon True Romance’s seven year anniversary.
I want to share these songs with everyone on a platform that took a single click, unlike SoundCloud.

I will post each song with a little note about what it meant to me until I reach the final hidden track.
I hope you all enjoy!

I based this intro on the opening scenes of Quinten Tarantino’s
True Romance.
If you haven’t seen this movie, WATCH IT!

I feel that no matter our circumstances, no matter our past, we have the ability to create anew if we dare to. No matter how shitty things might seem, that’s the way it goes. But never forget, it goes the other way too!!!